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Welcome To Drainage South Yorkshire - Home Of Drain Surveys In Brodsworth

Our Drainage survey system is trusted by everyone in Brodsworth. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation as a leading company in the business and have been conducting drain survey projects for decades. At Drainage South Yorkshire, our drain suvery system was established to search for and pinpoint any structural defect and rat infiltration entry, and also get to the root of any recurring blockage. The main aim of our surveys is to identify problems and prevent them from amplifying before they become too expensive to fix.

Are You Having Issues With Your Drains?We'Ll Take Care Of It Immediately

  • We have the equipment, methods and experience to provide thorough drain inspections, assessment and protection in any situation.
  • If your drains are no longer flushing as they used to do, or if you are experiencing bad smell, or you see a leak in your drain, it is time to call us today to examine your drainage system.

The Drain Survey Company In Brodsworth

Panoramo: A 3600 Degree Drain Cctv Inspection Built For Speed And Efficiency

We pioneered the use of a truly panoramic CCTV in drain inspection in Brodsworth. This CCTV camera can travel up to 35cm/s The panoramo not only scans the drainage in question; it records every bit of data about it and saves it in its storage medium for easy future referencing and analysis. Most cameras just tilt and pan, and rely on the user to control it; but the Panoramo's capabilities go far beyond that.

The data gathered from the scan can be used or further analyzed when needed. The data gathered from the scan can be used or further analyzed when needed. This data can be referred to or analysed anytime it needs to be.

Save Time And Cost With Lisy

Our LISY technology allows us to survey otherwise difficult areas such as lateral drains and sewers. The use of such an advanced technology is one of the main reasons why our surveys are so quick and affordable. With LISY, we no longer need to venture into properties in order to survey lateral drains and sewers; we do the inspection directly. LISY is able to travel as far as 100 meters through the main sewer.

In Fact, Its Capabilities Have Made Even Water Companies Now In Charge Of Private Sewers To Adopt It. At Drainage South Yorkshire, we never stop to look for the best and latest technology to help our clients save more on cost and time. LISY CCTV survey always delivers

Our Drain Survey Equipment Is Unrivalled In Brodsworth

We are very particular about quality of service and that's why we invest in the latest, high - tech drain inspection equipment. Our CCTV camera for drain surveillance is state - of - the - art and is remotely controlled to deliver precision. Our innovative CCTV technology allows us to accurately analyse your drainage system to identify damaged areas and areas which should be reinforced to prevent future problems.

Our Innovative And Trusted Company In Brodsworth

Laser Profiling For Drainage System Analysis

At Drainage South Yorkshire, we fit a Profiler to our CCTV inspection camera to help us discover any pipe that has deviated from its original shape. This makes finding accurate information on the shape of drains and sewer lines possible.

The CCTV and profiler can record other conditions too, such as: pipe size, erosion, debris, deformation, holes, or lateral profusion. The profiler is so sensitive that it can detect abnormality as minute as 1mm.

Proteus: Cctv Inspection For Explosion - Risk Environments

We offer a top quality service for drain surveys in Brodsworth and our good reputation often means we are contacted to take care of high risk surveys. Any service around zone 2 public sewers requires safe equipment.

To fix a peculiarity like this, we use Proteus, an ATEX - rated camera specifically engineered for such locations. It's safe from any shock and can carry out a detailed drain survey in such environments.

Party Wall Drain Survey

We are your go - to experts when you want to do a party wall drain survey. It is important to conduct a thorough party wall drainage survey before any construction work.

It is important to conduct a thorough party wall drainage survey before any construction work. With our focused and in - depth operation methods, we can detect any problems before or after and help you solve it.

Pre - Purchase Drainage Survey In Brodsworth

If you are about buying a property, Drainage South Yorkshire can help you conduct a complete drain survey before you sign the deed. If you don't have a thorough pre - purchase drain inspection done, a drain problem in the near future will have you making expenses you could have avoided.

Equip yourself against bad property investment; call us now. The inspection data we collect is recorded and made available to you so you can see for yourself what we have discovered

Contact Us, We Have Full Insurance Coverage And Offer You Peace Of Mind

Drainage South Yorkshire has invested in the best possible insurance You don't need to worry about anything going wrong because once you place your property under our care, the property is fully insured. We employ extreme care while we work.

Call us today and let us wow you.

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